2021 Winter Conference Sessions

What Lies Between: Practical Solutions to a Legacy 20th-Century Drainage Problem
Presented by: Andrew P. Avery, PE, Chemung County; Michael T. Croce, PE, Bergmann; Thomas R. Detrie, Bergmann

Legacy drainage systems pose significant challenges for New York county highway departments. Accordingly, they require innovative design solutions and construction techniques to reduce the likelihood and severity of flooding — not to mention thoughtful and effective public outreach to put the community at ease.This presentation will also explore how they explained the complex concept of return storms and hydraulic flow to the general public. This was especially important because while the project would greatly reduce the potential for future flooding, it could not fully eliminate that possibility for residents and businesses who were about to endure a disruptive season of construction.

Asphalt Paving Topics
Presented by: Bruce Barkevich, New York Construction Materials Association

This presentation will discuss: Asphalt Paving Principles; Recycling and Asphalt Pavements; Porous Pavements; Warm Mix Asphalt; Latest/Greatest in the Asphalt Industry.

Culvert Inspections – Surprise!
Presented by: Joseph S. Logan, Jr., PE, Fisher Associates

The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate the importance of awareness of culvert inventory, culvert condition inspection, and hydraulic performance. Two culvert replacement projects in Oneida County will be highlighted, along with a culvert failure on a State Highway in Oswego County and several other examples from old railroad embankments in Western NY.

Replacement of Hillside Road Bridge over Wiscoy Creek
Presented by: Todd Gadd, PE, Wyoming County; Jonathan Walczak, PE, Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C.; Ryan O’Malley, PE, Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C.

The Hillside Road Bridge over Wiscoy Creek project in Wyoming County featured the complete replacement of the existing structure with a precast concrete three-sided arch bridge. Being a popular local trout fishing stream, the project design included fishing access accommodations and worked with DEC to incorporate fish habitat into the stone scour protection. The project design engineer had the unique opportunity of also serving as the resident engineer during construction and will share his experience, lessons learned, as well as solutions to overcome challenges encountered during design and construction.

A Winning Combination: Safe Roads - Save Money - Protect Our Environment
Presented by: Josh Rousseau and Rob Fitch, NYSDOT

NYSDOT is formulating an outreach plan to local municipalities, advocacy groups, local and state electeds, and private interests to open a conversation/dialogue about salt usage during the snow and ice season. Specifically, NYSDOT seeks to engage locals and others with an educational message on what we’re already doing to reduce salt usage (best practices, technology, pilot programs, science etc.) in order to preserve our state’s amazing natural resources, to ensure clean water in all forms, and to save money (especially important during these difficult economic times) all while ensuring the safety of the driving public. DOT not only seeks to educate, but also seeks to listen and learn from what several towns/municipalities are already doing and to tap into existing relationships while forging new ones in order to meet what we believe are shared goals. The presentation is meant to encourage conversation and dialogue, not dictate terms. Together with our public and private local partners, we believe our state can quickly become a national leader in this critical area in the transportation field, creating a shared vision and shared mission that will only be successful by working together.