2018 Winter Conference

Title: Improve the Life of Your Pavements Using Asphalt Interlayers with your Rehabilitation or Reconstruction Designs

Presenter: Nicholas Reck, MSC.Eng, Pr.Eng/ Director of Road Maintenance Tensar, US
Description: An overview of the 5 type of interlayers, the 3 functions of interlayers, as defined by FHW, how they are selected for specific functions and distress types, installation best practice, product selection, performing design by function and distress type and developing project specifications and examples of typical applications.

Title: Advances in CIPP (Cured In Place Pipelining) Technology focusing on UV Cured Fiberglass NO-DIG Pipe Lining Systems

Presenter: Mike Ralbovsky, The Precision Group
Description: We demonstrate a safe, strong, and fast method of repairing culverts without the need to dig up the highway.
SAFE….VT AOT tested our system for styrene in the air, soil & water and the results were part per Billion
NYS DOT Approved
FAST…in most cases we curve the culvert with UV light at a rate of over 250’ per hour 

Title: Full Depth Reclamation

Presenters: Developed by Edward Denehy, P.E. and delivered by Todd Konifka and Fred Wickham, Technical Sales Representatives of the Gorman Group
Description: Municipalities in New York have long been faced with deteriorating road and pavement conditions on their secondary, low volume roads. One widely used technique to rehabilitate lower volume roads is Full Depth Reclamation (FDR). FDR is a pavement rehabilitation process that pulverizes and reuses the existing pavement and sub-base materials to produce a structurally strong pavement base course. FDR will be described and explained and its applicability to existing conditions will also be explored.

Title: Changing Conditions in the Oil Industry & Its Impacts on the Paving Industry

Presenter: Former EXXON Executive Frank Cawkell, Suit-Kote Corp
Description: The oil industry supply/demand profile is changing, from crude oil quality and sourcing, to oil product production and demand. This is already having an impact on asphalt cement availability and this in term translates into the paving industry, one of the primary users of asphalt cement. In this presentation, we will discuss the trends that are occurring in supply and demand across the oil value chain, from crude oil, refined products and end user industries. We will then discuss what impact this may have in the paving industry.

Title: We Are All Responsible for Good Roads: An Engineering Review of Good Ideas

Presenter: David P. Orr, PE Cornell Local Roads Program
Description: Review of what makes good roads from state highways to the lowest volume local road. The session will:
Review what makes a good road
Explain the total costs of a highway for the users
Identify low cost solutions applicable for all highways

2017 Winter Conference

Title: Civil Engineering Applications of Drones (Stonehenge AD)

Presenter: Chris Cornwell, PE, Lead AP- Civil/Highway Department Manager and Casey Knap, Project Manager, Greenman Pedersen, INC. (GPI)
Description: This session will review how drones are an emerging technology and are evolving to play a role in the support of various civil engineering applications ranging from planning and design to construction, maintenance, and general operations. Applications for drones include various surveying tasks, slope monitoring, and inspections of bridges, high mast lighting, sign structures, dams, radio towers, and cell towers to aid in management of these assets. Different technologies such as high-definition imagery, video, thermal imagery and Lidar can be deployed depending on the application to yield desired results. Several applications will be highlighted along with key issues regarding drone deployment and management of data along with future users.

Title: Thin Surface Treatments for Pavement Preservation (Stonehenge AD)

Presenter: Dane Mello and Chris Dooling, Sales Representatives, The Gorman Group
Description: Agencies have several options on non-structural overlays for pavement preservation. In this presentation, details regarding quick set slurry seal, micro surfacing and paver placed surface treatment will be discussed. The presentation will include detailed specifications, conditions for use, expected service lives and costs.

Title: Complete Streets and Mobile Mapping–A Case Study in What’s Coming Down the Road (Stonehenge AD)
Presenter: Michael D. Panichelli, PE, M.J. Engineering and Land Surveying, PC
Description: As the auto industry works to make autonomous vehicles a commonplace reality in the next decade, the camera and scanning technology that will support that autonomy is currently available to the engineering community for use in design. Using M.J’s Mobile Mapping equipment, roadways in the City of Albany were driven and mapped to collect data set of information that was utilized for the development of a Complete Streets Manual. The presentations will give a brief background on mobile mapping equipment/technology and the end deliverables that can be utilized by the design team and the City to make informed decisions about transportation system enhancements.

Title: Historical Performance of Salt Storage Facilities (Stonehenge AD)

Presenter: Baron Breisch and Thomas W. Broderick, PE, MClaren Engineering
Description: Deicing salts have been used on roadways since the 1940s. Salt storage facilities have been in use for many decades by municipal agencies in an effort to protect bulk salt from the elements as well as prevent runoff into the environment. Long-term performance of these structures is essential to ensuring that public safety is maintained and municipal investments are protected. The corrosive nature of deicing salts challenges the use of conventional materials of construction.Additionally, these facilities are routinely impacted by heavy equipment (payloaders, etc.) during the normal course of business. This presentation examines the performance of a variety of commercially available salt storage facilities through in-  depth condition investigations and implementation of renovation, retrofit and replacement schemes to extend the performance of these crucial facilities. The audience will learn about options in salt storage facilities, how to maintain and repair them, and, as a last resort, when to replace them.

Title: Basic Real Estate Compensation for Highway Projects (Stonehenge AD)

Presenter: William R. Beckmann, MAI, CRE
Description: This session will focus on real estate compensation appraisal issues in government acquisitions locally and under FHWA, as well as pitfalls of consummating property acquisitions without condemnation.

2016 Summer Conference

Title: Concrete Maturity in Cold Weather

Presenter: Steven Moore, PE, Senior Engineer at ATL
Description: This session covers an overview of the five essentials of quality concrete, the potential problems of placing concrete in cold weather, mitigation procedures, and considerations to take before and after placing concrete.

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Title: Geosynthetic Solutions for Paved and Unpaved Applications

Presenter: Doug McCluskey, Assistant Erosion Control & Geoproduct Manager, Everett J. Prescott, Inc.
Description: This session covers the use of pavement reinforcement products to retard reflective cracking in asphalt overlays to add life to the overlay and reduce maintenance costs and paving intervals. Also discussed are Tensar Geogrids in the construction of paved and unpaved roads, parking lots, ect., with an emphasis on subgrade stabilization and pavement optimization. The attendees will leave with a firm understanding of geogrid mechanisms as they relate to the performance of paved and unpaved roads.

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Title: BMP Solutions for Disturbed Areas

Presenter: Steve Zwilling, Profile Products, LLC
Description: This session is a basic review of fundamentals of soils to achieve sustainable vegetation. Stabilization methods, Sod, seeding, straw mulch, hydraulic mulch and blankets. How to pick the right vegetation for your site. Use of slope interruption devices to minimize failures on slopes. Proper use of TRM’s as option to rip rap and installation tips.

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Title: The Present, the Future, (and Annual) Costs

Presenter: David Orr, Director Cornell Local Roads
Description: This session will use engineering economics to compare the costs of different projects or equipment replacement choices, as well as using annual cost formulas to compare choices.

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2016 Winter Conference

Title: Chip Seals – Theory and Best Practices Leading To A Successful Project

Presenter: Edward J. Denehy, P.E.; The Gorman Group
Description: Presentation includes Project Selection, Chip Seal Mix Designs, Recap of Chip Seal Research, Conventional Emulsion Based Single Chip Seal Specifications, Chip Seal Variations

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Title: A Smart Phone App for Work Zones

Presenter: David P. Orr, PE, Director, Cornell Local Roads Program
Description: The Cornell Local Roads Program is developing a new Smart Phone app for work zones. This session will review the app and show folks how it can be used to make your work zones more consistent and safer.

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Title: Overview of Innovative Bridge Placement Methods

Presenter – Phillip Pierce, P.E.
Description – while this presentation uses examples from covered bridge projects, it includes discussion of various means of relocating a new/replacement bridge built off-site that can also be relevant to non-covered bridge projects. Re-locations can be accomplished by transverse slides, longitudinal slides, or lifting with cranes.

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Title: Cortland County makes History with Dense Graded Cold Mix Paving

Presenters – Scott Harris, Vice President, Suit-Kote Corporation
Philip Krey, PE, Cortland County Commissioner of Highways
Description – Cortland County Department of Highways worked with NYSDOT and Suit-Kote Corporation Engineers to develop a Dense Graded Cold Mix Paving material that would satisfy detailed engineering properties while adhering to stringent FHWA Federal Aid Pass through project guidelines, allowing the Project to qualify for Federal Aid Dollars.

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Title: Developing and Selling your Budget Program

Presenter: David P. Orr, PE, Director, Cornell Local Roads Program
Description: With budgets tighter than ever, being able to develop a strong budget and communicate that information to the board is more critical than ever. During this session, David will give you some insight from new Cornell Local Roads Program workshop, “Managing the highway department” that can help you manage your system and communicate your department’s needs.

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