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In Memory of Ken Carr: Road Warrior and Honorary Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. 

Road Warriors like Ken Carr are few and far between. He knew how to go the distance. Slow and steady.

Ken was a gentle and thoughtful person who cared deeply for his fellow man. Family, life-long friendships, employees and business associates (many who became dear friends over the 40 years of his career), all held a very special place in Ken’s life and heart. 

Ken grew up in White Plains, NY and graduated from White Plains High School. After receiving his BS from Syracuse University, he began his career in business at the Interboro Asphalt Company in Brooklyn, NY. Starting as a timekeeper, Ken worked his way to project superintendent overseeing major paving projects including runways and taxiways at Kennedy Airport.

Ken went on to become Vice President of Wirtgen America in Ridgefield, NJ and was instrumental in bringing asphalt milling to the US from Germany. He supervised milling crews from CA to FL to ME with jobs including the New Brunswick Naval Air Station.

It was during this time that Ken witnessed an early version of heater scarifying in Little Rock, AR and subsequently went on to found his own company. In 1973, his entrepreneurial spirit took root and Highway Rehab. Corp. was born. 

Ken proceeded to develop innovative machines designed to recycle roads using a sophisticated method known as “hot in-place asphalt recycling.” With a fierce dragon logo on shiny red trucks and the skill and encouragement of his talented employees, Ken and his crews have been recycling roads throughout the northeast for many decades.

Initially the company worked with engineers at the Mobil Oil Corporation utilizing their Mobosol-50 product as a recycling agent. Subsequently, Highway Rehab. turned to the engineers at Koch Industries to develop an emulsion that would enhance the performance of hot-in-place recycling. 

The company has developed over the years to service customers from Buffalo to Boston to Maine to Pennsylvania, working exclusively for towns, cities, counties and states. Highway Rehab. performs work in approximately 8 states. Since its inception in 1973, the company has greatly enhanced the efficacy and safety of the hot in-place asphalt recycling process. 

An avid participant in the industry, Ken was one of the founding members of the Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association, an organization founded in 1976. He was an active member of town and county Highway Superintendent Associations and was a founding member of the AARA and the Pavement Preservation Association. Ken prided himself on being a part of these associations and making a noteworthy contribution to this important industry. 

Everyone who has had the good fortune to cross Ken’s path knows how much he loved his work and especially the many friendships he cultivated through his 40-year career in the paving business. Ken started humbly and remained so for the remainder of his working career. 

In October of 2016, Ken Carr was confronted with the life-threatening diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer. But this did not stop him from making sure his legacy would survive. In 2019, two of Ken’s loyal and valued employees, Tom Colella and Mike Haggarty purchased Highway Rehab. Corp. 

Tom came to Highway Rehab. at the age of 18, starting as a flagman and now, 22 years later, he is President of the company. As an expert in mechanical engineering, with an eye for detail, and his years of experience under Ken’s guidance, Tom is an unstoppable creative and innovative force in the company. 

In 2014, Ken identified Michael Haggarty as one of the most effective salesmen, strategic planners and born leaders in the paving industry, willing and able to carry on Ken’s legacy as CEO beside Tom. 
In the hands of these two phenomenal individuals, Highway Rehab. Corp. weathered the world turbulence of 2020 and Ken’s legacy continues stronger than ever. 

The company remains headquartered in Patterson, NY with its manufacturing facility in Cheektowaga, NY.   

While Ken set the bar high, he always treated people with respect, kindness and care. He was a good listener and generous with his time. Ken knew the importance of remembering names. He was also a great teacher. If someone came to him with a good idea and he agreed, he would not hesitate to give the go-ahead to put their recommendation into action. 

Ken’s business advice: Always return your most difficult call first and handle requests in a timely fashion. Be a good listener and communicator and, lastly, give 100% to all your endeavors. 

In the fall of 2016, Ken transitioned from being a Road Warrior to a Cancer Survivor. With the support of his personal and business family, and numerous remarkable physicians and surgeons, he continued to fight a brave battle against this dire disease for four and a half years. 

Ken Carr passed away on February 11, 2021, quietly, courageously and peacefully at his home in Florida with family members by his side, just as he wished. He is survived by his wife Aura, his two daughters, Kristin and Leslie Ann and his brother, Jay. 

Ken was greatly admired and respected in the industry. As an entrepreneur with a solid work ethic, keen intellect and fierce determination, he worked side-by-side with his incredible employees and associates, creating life-long relationships.

In 2017, Don Higgins, on behalf of Ken’s friends and associates of the NYS County Highway Superintendents Association,  presented him with a very prestigious award that he treasured dearly. 

Ken Carr was given the title of Honorary Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. “For Extraordinary Courage - Strength - Fortitude - Spirit - Toughness - Bravery - Tenacity in Combat Against the Enemy.” 

We salute you Ken. Rest in Peace. 

Tim Hens Named Public Works Leader of the Year by APWA Genesee Valley Chapter

The Public Works Leader of the year award recognizes significant contributions to the Public Works field through exemplary public service and commitment. 

Tim’s contributions to the Public Works field are unparalleled, and began in college.  He began his career at the United States Air Force Academy, where after graduation in 1993 he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and served as Civil Engineer until 1998, when he resigned his commission as a Captain. Serving in the Air Force, he was a transportation and facility design engineer for the Whitman Air Force Base in Missouri, where he was the project manager for over $270 million in facility construction supporting the B-2 stealth bomber. He then spent two years at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina as the Chief of Engineering at Chief Central Command Air Forces. During this tenure, he made several trips to the Middle East and oversaw construction in seven different countries. He also spent time as the U.S. Forces Environmental Compliance Officer and worked closely with the United Nations in dealing with hazardous waste in Iraq. 

Tim has been the Superintendent of Highways in Genesee County since 1998. making him one of the most tenured, yet one of the youngest County Highway Superintendents in New York State. Though his title is Superintendent of Highways, he wears many hats and currently acts as the County Engineer, Facilities Director, Airport Director, Parks Director, and Highway Superintendent. A few of his biggest accomplishments in the County include acting as project manager to $52 million in Countywide water system improvements, which expanded public water to hundreds of households and businesses that had questionable water supplies. The original water system improvements project was such a benefit to the public that another countywide water system expansion was planned and is currently under construction, estimated at $90 million. Tim was also responsible for the planning and project management for $25 million in upgrades to the Genesee County Airport, and was the project manager and Resident Engineer for the $9.2 million Sheriff Administration Building and Emergency Communications Facility. 

His Public Works involvement and influence does not stop at the county level, he is an active member of the New York State County Highway Superintendents Association, and served as president in 2014, and continues to serve on the Executive Board and several committees. Tim also served as president of the National Association of County Engineers in 2019, where he worked closely with other county leaders nationwide to advocate for the importance of local infrastructure. His connections between the national and state levels have helped bring funding sources to local governments across the state. 

Tim is a well-respected leader in his local, state, and national communities and brings his expertise and sense humor to everything he does. 

He currently lives in LeRoy with his wife Eve, and they have three adult children, Erin, Billie and Grant. In his spare time he owns a private practice engineering business and manages a real estate investment company.

National News

Road Building Industry Fights for Surface Transportation Funding

Experts say the highway materials sectors need to push for higher amounts of funding for a robust surface transportation bill and to do that, Congress needs to enact a sustainable and equitable funding mechanism for the Highway Trust Fund. 

It's no secret that the lack of sustainable highway funding is the biggest challenge in the road building industry. The Biden administration has made it clear that infrastructure funding is a priority on their agenda, but what that funding looks like for highway contractors remains to be seen. Read More>>

Auburn University Establishes Transportation Research Institute

As the Southeast's leader in transportation research and education, Auburn University is taking another step forward with the formation of the Auburn University Transportation Research Institute.

The institute, hosted and supported within Auburn's Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, will provide greater visibility and a shared identity for all transportation-related and educational programs at the university. It will foster continued growth and expansion of the overall transportation research programs and will help elevate these programs to a position of greater national prominence based on the scholarship generated by its participating faculty. Read More>>


Upcoming Webinars 

NYSLTAP-CLRP Spring Workshops (Virtual & In-Person)

In-Person workshops are available at select locations across the state. These half-day workshops cover a portion of the normal full day topic, but you still get the workbook. Multiple topics will be held in the same location over the course of a week so you can sign up for several different classes at once.

Many of the virtual workshop webinars are from the same full day workshop, but cover different materials. Take both the in-person and virtual portions to get the most comprehensive experience.

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NYSLTAP-CLRP Topical Tuesday Webinar Series

Cornell Local Roads Program will be hosting a series of free webinars every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Each webinar will focus on a particular topic for the local highway and public works community.  

February 23 - Be Careful Out There: Keeping Everyone Safe in the Work Zone
Presented by TBD

Work zones are inherently a dangerous place because we have workers, vehicles and heavy equipment interacting in unexpected ways. Keeping everyone safe requires involvement of the entire crew to develop good traffic control plans. In this interactive session, David will help you develop traffic control plans for your work zones.

March 2 - Construction Management (intro to Longer Workshop)
Presented by NYSLTAP - CLRP Director David Orr, P.E.

Agencies that get federal aid are sometimes blindsided by the requirements in the federal process. There are certain critical steps needed to make a federal aid construction contract work. In this one hour webinar, David will give you some of the basics and help you understand and start on the journey to successful construction contract administration using federal dollars for your local projects.

Associated General Contractors of New York State Webinar

March 18 - Handling OSHA Inspections Course
Presented by Jim Redmond, Safety Director, AGC NYS

Cost: $75 per AGC NYS, ECA and NESCA Members │$125 per non-member 

The program will review How to Handle an OSHA Inspection and review the steps and processes in an OSHA Inspection on your jobsite, what to do when OSHA knocks on the door from beginning to end, and how to contest a citation if you receive one. 

For all questions please email Bryanna at

FHWA Value Capture Strategies Webinar Series

FHWA is hosting a series of Value Capture Strategies webinars beginning in March 10, 2021. The webinar series will detail the Value Capture techniques promoted in the Federal Highway Administration’s Every Day Counts (EDC-5) initiative. This year’s series focuses on the intersection of Innovative Finance and Innovative Project Delivery Tools. 

Registration is free but is limited. Certificates of Completion and Confirmation of Attendance are available. Register now

It is recommended to watch this short video on how Value Capture optimizes agency resource prior to attending the sessions. If you have questions, please contact Thay Bishop at (404) 562-3695 or


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